Saturday, 12 February 2011

Next Step?

So at the moment im doing absolutely sweet FA with my life. Ive got all these plans and ambitions yet no motivation to go out and do them!
I'm planning on doing a HEFC course in september '11 and also a spanish unilang so that in september '12 i can start university. yes, 3 years late but atleast its an option.
I'm currently looking for work and having zero luck!! I've tried everything and everywhere in Newcastle, so ive started looking at work abroad, atleast for the summer. Its so frustrating and stressful trying to find work in this day and age! GRR. I hate not having any money, i need clothes, holidays, etc!
Ive found a studio which welcomes unknown, starting-off artists so im going to go check that out some time next week and see if they'll let me do some artwork with them for free even, just to get out the house...

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