Saturday, 12 February 2011

Next Step?

So at the moment im doing absolutely sweet FA with my life. Ive got all these plans and ambitions yet no motivation to go out and do them!
I'm planning on doing a HEFC course in september '11 and also a spanish unilang so that in september '12 i can start university. yes, 3 years late but atleast its an option.
I'm currently looking for work and having zero luck!! I've tried everything and everywhere in Newcastle, so ive started looking at work abroad, atleast for the summer. Its so frustrating and stressful trying to find work in this day and age! GRR. I hate not having any money, i need clothes, holidays, etc!
Ive found a studio which welcomes unknown, starting-off artists so im going to go check that out some time next week and see if they'll let me do some artwork with them for free even, just to get out the house...

Holiday in Spaainnn.

Well just got back from Spain a couple of days ago and all in all was a good holiday. Got to see my mum and dad, my dogs, got to go out clubbing a couple of times in benidorm. Only went twice though because on the second night i got absolutely drunk out of my mind and embarassed myself infront of EVERYONE. So after that my mum wouldnt let me go out clubbing again haha. I'm 19 so she cant really tell me what to do but i was staying at her house so out of respect i listened to her :// .
                                    -  Dont get this weather in newcastle! or a view that amazing!

                                                   - Me and my friend sinead drunk.

                                                   - My baby Bella beann.

                                                - My big baby Charliee :)

                                                     -Classy, NOT! lol.

So yeah good holiday eating spanish foood and sunbathing. Cant wait to go again! I miss my mum and dad noww!


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Had a pretty pro-active day today. First of all i changed my whole room round. Moved my wardrobe which weighs a TON! over to the other side of my room. i couldnt be bothered emtying it and filling it again so i took the chances on breaking my back. Now my bed is in the middle of the room which doesnt really help for walking space as my rooms like 3 by 3m. But im liking it for now. I wrote a 2000 word discriptive writing essay about drugs and anxiety for my english class, which isnt due until the 1st of february, so im like more organized than ive ever been in my whole life! School wise atleast...Only 10 days left til Spain YAY!
Must must must get some new holiday clothes!! (: 
I bought this black lace cardi today from newlook for only 12.99£ which im chuffed about :D
 Not a GREAT photo as ive lost my camera charger and had to take this pic on my phone..:/

 Me & Rupert - Was my Grandads teddy before it was mine <3

Also how great is Jason Mraz in ths video?

xo Kaytee-Jayy

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Someone please buy me this bag!?

How can someone be so ignorant?!

So I live with 3 guys and a girl.
The guys are sound, friendly, talkative, polite. Even clean occasionally.
But the girl...She's so arrogant. You know when you can just tell that someone doesn't like you?! Well that's her all over. I try and be friendly, try making conversations. All i get is one word answers. She could of atleast given me a chance but its been the same since the first day. She's from America aswell and she's totally ruined my expectations of what Americans are like. She also totally bitches about me in a sly I-think-shes-too-stupid-to-understand kind of way! AARGGHH.
Yet im still trying to please her by shoving a smile on my face and being as friendly as i possibly can, as i'm a nice person and im not so quick to judge people as she is!

Social life.

So..I move to Newcastle, yes Newcastle upon Tyne..:/ Thinking aswell as sorting my self out workwise/educationwise that id also get a better social life..Well that didnt happen ive got like literally 2 friends up here and i only see one of them really. I live with 4 other people students/professionals and there nice (all but one) and everything but we're just housemates. Still havent met a nice young man (teehee). Mmmm a nice lad, i definitly want one of them like NOW, pleaseee?!

Ahhh life's so great...!!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bla Bla Bla

So, I need to start blogging more often..It's not even like my life is very busy at the moment, Just got college twice a week doing maths and english so I can hopefully start uni in the fall. I'm trying to decide between Fashion and merchandising or Spanish and journalism. I really really want to do fashion because thats what i enjoy, from the designing side to the merchandising. But I know fluent spanish so it seems like a waste not to use it. I know I'm gonna end up doing fashion..But will i regret it? Because its such a hard area to find work as theres thousands of fashionistas out theree? hmmm. Decisions, decisions...